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St Michael’s Manor

The four*, award winning St Michael’s Manor Hotel can be found close to the city centre of St Alban’s in Hertfordshire, near the famous Abbey Cathedral in what is the former ancient Roman city of Verulamium.

The original house dates back over 500 years and was converted into a hotel in the early 1960s by the Newling Ward family who still remain as private owners and operators.

Kerri Faulkner, Housekeeping Manager at St Michael’s Manor, was using standard synthetic filled duvets across the hotel but found that “after a while, the filling would clump together and the stitching would break down creating hot and cold spots all over the duvet. The bedding therefore became uncomfortable and no longer usable. So we would give the duvets away to a charity that made dog beds with them as they were just not worth washing."

On the lookout for a quality duvet and pillow range at an affordable price, Kerri came across the Fine Bedding Company at the Independent Hotel Show.

After deciding to trial Smartfil® Boutique Silk duvets and pillows with staff to see how they fared after repeated use and washing, Kerri was not disappointed.

“The duvets are very soft and light and our regular guests noticed immediately that we had changed bedding. Feedback has been excellent with even our more demanding customers commenting on how well they have slept since the switchover.”
“The duvet is stitched in a certain way and the filling is free flowing which means there is no ‘clumping’. The duvet just nestles against the body as you sleep which keeps guests warm and cosy.” The Smartfil® Boutique Silk bedding has been washed in house and Kerri reports that the duvets and pillows “are wonderfully fluffy and have plumped up just like new.”
“Customers have been so impressed that several have asked if they can buy the bedding for use at home.”
“Unfortunately we no longer have old duvets to send to the charity but we are delighted with our decision. I would sum up Smartfil® Boutique Silk as being a luxury bedding range at a very reasonable price.”

Kerri Faulkner, Housekeeping Manager, St Michael’s Manor