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The Woodlands

The Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall is a newly opened woodland lodge destination nestled within the grounds of the historic Hothorpe estate in the Midlands. The seventeen sustainable and low energy eco lodges and elevated tree house are clustered together in a village setting and provide a magical space for relaxation and retreat.

Linda Milligan, the housekeeping manager at Hothorpe Hall explained, “The organic design of the lodges means they are very well insulated and this makes them nice and cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. We needed to make sure that guests would be comfortable all year round so choosing the most appropriate bedding range was a priority and we trialled various options whilst the lodges were being constructed.”

Hothorpe Hall opted for The Fine Bedding Company’s Smartfil® Boutique Silk duvets which are blended with pure silk and Smartfil® pillows plus mattress and pillow protectors.

“The duvets are incredibly light and super soft and we have received many positive comments with some customers even asking where they can buy them from. If the customers are happy then so are we. I am delighted with the feedback we have received which confirms that we have made the right choice with Smartfil®”, said Linda